LCCI Candidates Registration

Αρχική/LCCI Candidates Registration

Pearson has signed an agreement to transfer LCCI qualifications toThe Institute of Accountants and Bookkeepers (IAB) as of 1/10/2023. Epiteugma Training Center is officially registered with IAB.





To register for an LCCI course at Epiteugma click here and see the information for Levels 1-2-3.

To register for an LCCI exam, please read bullet points A through C and then steps 1 through 8 for all information you will need to know.

  1. If you have any questions you should contact us from the contact form here, as all requests must be in written format. Avoid contacting us to check on steps 7-8 in the procedure below, as it is imperative when we have exam results (step 7) and certificates (step 8), we will contact you. 
  2. For LCCI past papers & solutions download this Microsoft Word file and follow the instructions in it. The available papers are only those mentioned in the Microsoft Word file, thus do not inquire from us any other papers. The past papers are valid for IAB LCCI exams.
  3. To view the LCCI syllabus for all subjects click on each level (the syllabus has not changed with the transfer from Pearson to IAB): Level 1, Level 2, Level 3


The following registration steps are for registering LCCI candidates:

  1. The paper-based series exam prices for November 2023 are as follows:
    — Level 1: €136
    — Level 2: €154
    — Level 3: €165
  2. The next examination series dates are as follows, with a registration deadline of 27th October 2023:
    — Level 1: 28th November 2023
    — Level 2: 29th November 2023
    — Level 3: 30th November 2023
    (note that the following exam series will be in the 4th week of April 2024, where registrations will open at a later time)
  3. To register one or more candidates for a series exam complete the registration form here (November registration period is over)
    — you will need to download this excel file to submit the candidates’ information with the above registration form (all the columns in the Excel file have to do with the candidates)
    — all registrations are final and cannot be moved to a future series
  4. You will receive an automatic Google Form confirmation by email
  5. You should make one payment for all candidates to the Bank of Cyprus, within 3 working days from the day of the registration
    — pay before the deadline as seen in step 2
    — specify ONLY YOUR full name at the deposit or the bank transfer, which is also your receipt, thus do not call or email us to verify your payment and do not send it to us
    Account Number:357015641261
  6. IAB does not issue exam entry slips like Pearson did. You will receive instructions about the exam location & time, approximately 3 days before the exam, do not call or email us about this.
  7. When exam results are released and we process them in our electronic system, we will notify you by email, do not call or email us about this.
  8. When we have the certificates, we will notify you by email that the certificates have arrived, do not call or email us about this. We will send the certificates to you by ACS Courier. When you get the SMS from ACS Courier, make sure you go to pick them up promptly, otherwise ACS sends the certificates back to us. If this happens there is a fee of 20 euro.