Bulk Registration Form

This registration form is for registering SOMEONE ELSE, such as your students

All mandatory fields that must be completed are marked with a red star (*)

(Optional) Private institute name:

* Contact person full name:

* Contact person e-mail:

* Contact person mobile phone number, without +357 and do not use a dash (-):

* Exam code, level, name:

* Exam date:

* City where you want to take the examination at:

- all candidates registered using this form, have to be of the same exam code (level)
- you can register one or more candidates
- each line represents one candidate
- NO emtpy lines between candidates
- NO spaces in the data of each line
- the number represents the identification (ID) card number or the passport nunber of the candidate (this number may include letters)
- do not include any zeros at the beginning of the identification (ID) card number or the passport nunber
- the candidate name must have first and last name
- the candidate name may or may not have middle name
- if the candidate does not have middle name, then put two commas between the first and the last name
- the date of birth is written in the format of DD/MM/YYYY
- specify M or F for gender

Example with first and middle and last name:
Example with two first names and middle and last name:
755282,ANNA MARIA,ZAKOU,PAVLOU,03/06/1974,F
Example with first and last name with no middle name:
Example with first and middle and last name with ID or passport number having letters in it:

* In the box below, write or copy-paste one or more of your candidates as per the above instructions and examples